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iFLEXiHRMS Add-On Modules

Rich and additional features that succeed your company daily basis.

iFLEXiHRMS Add-On module (also known as Sub module) is an additional or enhancement towards to current module. iFLEXiHRMS Add-On Module consists of 7 modules in total, each module plays a different characteristics and roles towards HRMS system. Each company may add-on single or several add-on module, depend on their needs and requirements, in order to fully digitalize company daily basis and progression.


Welfare Module

Welfare module consists of all the benefits details that entitled by all the employees form the given period, which later will be processed by the monthly payroll. Welfare process involved of the creation of the welfare table, welfare transaction data entry, process welfare, welfare entitlement list and viewing on the welfare report.


Leave Module

By setting up entitlement policies for employees, leave balance are automatically calculated based on company-specific leave rules.


Abnormal Module

Abnormal is a process in the time attendance where to trigger the alert via email notification for tracking on the employees who are absence or late in.


Appraisal Module

Appraisal module allow user to monitor employee performance and discipline. Appraisal also able to create suspends code, and by setting employee suspends period. This features also able to link to iFLEXiHRMS Payroll.


FSI Module

FSI stands for financial system integration. It based on different general ledger, creditor ledger, debtor ledger and different cost center. FSI are able to integrate with SAP, B.U.M ERP SYSTEM.


Badge Printing Module

Badge Printing Module which to assist user in the design and printing of the employee’s badge card. This module provides the environment for the user to do their own design of the badge.


Training Module

Training Module consists of all related information such as Trainer master data, training course, training class, training budget and the assignment of the course to the employees.


Canteen Management Module

Canteen Management System from iFLEXi is created to manage meal transactions in company. Staff meal benefits and subsidies, and meal counts can be easily managed by this system. The system is suit for each company needs as it is customizable method of transaction can be setup to either be meal subsidies or meal counts.


Why Chose iFLEXiHRMS Add-On Module

  • Easy to integrate with related HR procedure and managed in one software.
  • Manage Employee Leave, welfare, appraisal and other performance in payroll module are easier to process payroll calculation compared to import & export.
  • Leave Module well integrated with Attendance Module, calculate prorate leave for employee who incomplete month of services.

iFlexiHRMS Time Attendance System (formerly known as AutoTime) is a cost-effective time attendance software. It is designed for small and medium business looking for simple but yet powerful and configurable time attendance software for daily business. 

It help you save time by reduce the time spent in calculating employee attendance and save money by not overpaying employee. Built on Microsoft.NET Technology with powerful Microsoft SQL server, this ensure you invest valueable money and time on right and latest technology.


iFLEXiHRMS Time Attendance Features

  • Analysis Report

  • Audit Trail

  • Dynamic Report

  • Email Payslip

  • Global Impact

  • Script Function for Formula

  • Mail Merge

  • Non Standard Cut Off

  • Quick Data Entry

  • Reminder Setting

iFLEXiHRMS Time Attendance Functions

✅QDE function (Quick Data Entry for leave form, overtime approval, auto-clocking and others)

✅Robust and highly flexible schedule configuration to setup your employees working schedule and overtime rule

✅Attendance and analysis module, to analysis attendance even in just a few clicks

✅Overtime Form to record overtime information and number of hours permitted

✅Able to import and post result data with USB and other 3rd party payroll, this process assists HR in reducing payroll processing time 

✅Generate more than 60 professional and presentable management report.


Why Chose iFLEXiHRMS Time Attendance System

  • Time Attendance devices such as Biometric and Smart Card to provide Real-Time Data Polling, and the option to upload Clock Data via Text File.
  • Detailed configuration set-up in attendance Shift Group and attendance Shift Code to cater for multiple complex scenarios during the calculation of Overtime, Late In, Early Out, and Time Off.
  • Flexible built-in Formula Editor to do User-Definable Formula in Allowance/Deduction/Overtime based on multiple criteria or conditions set.
  • NO restrictions on setting up multiple Allowance or Deduction codes, in relation to government contribution and deduction such as EPF, SOCSO, and Tax.



iFLEXiHRMS Payroll System is a comprehensive payroll management software, any organizations can easily manage their payroll process, accurate and efficient. It simplifies payroll processing for business owners, accountants and office administrators.

iFLEXiHRMS Payroll System free up your time from tedious and complex payroll calculations, preparation of pay slips and all statutory submissions. It built for your business, and grow with your business.


iFLEXiHRMS Payroll Features

  • Payroll Report

  • Audit Trail

  • Dynamic Report

  • Email Payslip

  • Global Impact

  • Script Function for Formula

  • Mail Merge

  • Non Standard Cut Off

  • Quick Data Entry

  • Reminder Setting


iFLEXiHRMS Payroll Functions

✅Able to modify all the pay slips / reports with built-in report designer

✅User definable script function for Allowance / Deduction / Overtime Formula

✅Payroll Analysis module with chart, to analysis payroll, allowance, deduction, leave, and OT in just a few clicks

✅Powerful, flexible and user definable overtime formula and payment methods

✅You can export data from data grid to Microsoft Excel for further analysis

✅Able to integrate with iFLEXi AutoTime (Time Attendance Software) for attendance data

✅Unlimited allowances and deductions creation, with definable behavior about government contribution and deductions such as EPF, SOCSO, and TAX.


Why Chose iFLEXiHRMS Payroll System

  • Built-in Report Designer to assist HR executive, and the Self Service option allows any user to do any customized pay-slip layouts or payroll reports.
  • Over 60 Comprehensive Professional Payroll Management Reports are built-in, such as Payroll Summary Report, EA Form, Pay-Slips and etc.
  • Conform to Government Rules and Payroll Regulations for Human Resource standard, certified by Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri, annually renewal.
  • A plug-in concept for any additional or customized add-on payroll functions required, easy to install and use.
    The online system with auto-upgrade makes the iFLEXiHRMS payroll upgrade easier with everything automated.

Product Model:R70

Data type:Back Clip

Reading Mode:CMOS





Paper Size : 57×50mm (57× 43.2mm) / 80mm x 50mm (80×44±) / 80mm x 60mm(80×53)


Product Name: paper roll


• Brand: OEM

• Condition: 100% New

• Option Colour :

• Product Weight : white

• Option Product Dimensions : 57×50mm (57× 43.2mm) / 80mm x 50mm (80×44±) / 80mm x 60mm(80×53)

• Packing: OPP

• Package Content: 1 X roll


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It is a POS MARKET electrical or manual open cash register machine with 5 adjustable bill holders and 5 removable coin holders. The space saver size fits under POS systems or receipt printer and comes with a locking cash tray cover. It is secure to use this cash drawer as this cash drawer has 3 disc tumbler key locks for extra security. It will open automatically when you complete a sale. An alarm bell sounds each time the drawer is open. However, it can be de-activated if necessary. The cash drawer is now available in black colors. This is one of our best selling products because we are one of the point of sales hardware provider in Malaysia.

  • Top notch decoding library, most extensive barcodes support coverage
  • New generation imaging technology, greatly speed up your scanning Intelligent auxiliary aiming & lighting system, easiest using experience ever
  • Extraordinary performance, declassify highly-distorted barcodes hands down
  • Most reliable construction, 1.5m drop resistance and IP42 protective level
  • Outstanding but industry-best price, wisest choice for your business
  • High printing speed up to 250mm/s
  • Three-in-one interface, including RS232, Ethernet and USB
  • Embedded with 2D barcode edition algorithm which supports the 2D barcode common in the market, such as QRcode/ PDF417
  • Provide Windows/Linux driver
  • Provide complete OPOS driver
  • Support page mode printing
  • With double cash drawer driver
  • Movable paper guard plate design which supports 58mm, 76mm, 80mm wide thermal paper



Access UBS One Accounting & Billing is the first step to computerized business. With more than 200,000 installations in Malaysia alone, we are now a household brand among Small Medium Businesses (SMBs).


Many institutions of higher learning prefer Access UBS Accounting & Billing as part of their course as it is simple to use and has comprehensive reports.


This provides a continuous availability of fresh and qualified accountants for SMEs to expand their business.

“UBS Accounting is synonymous to Accounting Software in Malaysia for small and medium enterprise “


The modules available in Sage UBS Accounting & Billing include:-

  • General Ledger
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Fixed Assets
  • Billing
  • SST


Access UBS Accounting & Billing is suitable for most SME companies and non profit organisation.



General Ledger


  • General Ledger Listing
  • Trial Balance
  • Cash Flow
  • Fixed assets depreciation
  • Gain/Loss on disposal of fixed assets
  • Budget & Variance Report
  • Trading, Profit & Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Manufacturing Account
  • Trading and P&L Account for Individual Projects
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Debtors & Creditors Statements
  • Debtors & Creditors aging
  • Receipts and payment voucher print-outs
  • GST Form 3
  • GST Sales Report
  • GST Purchases Report
  • Project Ledger
Debtors Ledger


  • Statement of Account
  • Debtors Aging Report
  • Receipt Printing
  • Sales Analysis
  • Debtors Unpaid Bill

Creditors Ledger

  • Statement of Account
  • Creditors Aging Report
  • Payment Voucher Printing
  • Purchases Analysis
  • Debtors Unpaid Bill

Makes Inventory Management And Billing Easy, Efficient And Informative.

Access UBS Inventory & Billing makes stock control easier by putting the control back into your hands.  It provides you with the flexibility to handle all types of inventory transactions and have instant updates and inventory status at your fingertips.

Access UBS Inventory & Billing performs as an invoicing system where you can print invoices and delivery orders



  • Fixed Cost
  • Monthly Average
  • First-in; First-out (FIFO)
  • Moving Average



The system enables companies to work easier and more efficiently with the following features:-

  • Wizard Setup to enable users a quick start in the set up processes
  • Task flows displayed for easy reference and direct access to the required screen
  • SMS to provide flexibility on retrieving information directly from the system and sending it across to customers or suppliers with personal message attached